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(kind of an apology)

For a European non-natural speaker/writer in English, posting on Medium is a excellent exercise. For anybody interested in poetry, satire, politics, anti-racism, and writing as such, Medium is the foremost forum to visit. There are trolls among us, but not too many, because they aren’t fed.

Looking back, I really tried to improve on writing (one lined) poems, inspired by Kathy Jacobs, Harper Thorpe, Mary Holden and many many other poets. I am grateful for that opportunity.

I enjoyed responding to the superb satire of Allan Ishac and Steven Rouach, who warned every day for the…

Hey Steve, love to see you are still going strong. I feared there wouldn't be anything left to make fun of after the Clowniest Clown moved to his posh retreat in Florida, but I was wrong. Nothing to fear about, the GOP is still doing a great job in the domain of lunacy. Looking forward to your satire in the coming years.

Hey Allan! It is Eastertime over here in the utterly confused almost unconstitutional kingdom of the unrealOranges and we lost interest in that even more confused Irrepublic across the soiled pond. I told you before I still support and like your satire, but the subjects are so stupid, ridiculous, undemocratic, trumpid, deranged, corrupt, weird and, yes, guilty, that we are dumbstruck. And now our own MP has lost it, or, to be more precise, couldn't hide his lack of integrity any more. Formation of a new coalition seems to have become impossible. FYI, he lied five times in 10 years…

The worst kind of dim witted representative we have over here is a corona denyer. He is actually smart, with one little flaw - he uses his wit in a stupid way.

Gun fetishists can be found in the criminal and terrorist corners of our society but not in parliament. Boebert would never ever have any chance of getting elected in whatever political body in our country. She would be in jail. Here's an example of an arms legislation in a civilized state:

Arms legislation in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, the Weapons and Ammunition Act is known as part…

A vegan only diet for selected Muppet cast members? Not for Cooky Monster I hope? Cruel! Could be good for Miss Piggy though. Might help her fight covidesity.

You are soooo right, Manny Otiko! A few remarks:

- There never ever has been a colored relative in any Western European Royal family;

- The Royals over here are pretending they are neutral, but most of them are right wing billionaires;

- Our King William I (1772-1843) stimulated slavery in Indonesia, earned millions by initiating an economic system of oppression aimed at bleeding the colonies;

- 600.000 slaves were imported in Indonesia since the 17th century;

- The foundation of Western European Monarchies is Christianity, the King was seen as chosen by God; any other religion was seen as…

I read this:


And this:


I find this quite impressive and much more than appointing Susan Rice and starting up with a spate of executive orders. Am I wrong? (I am NOT an American white democrat, nor a blind fan of this administration. I want to understand. The election of Biden/Harris felt like a big relief. Am I wrong?

Because I am trying to understand what the Biden/Harris administration is actually doing to fulfill its promises, I look for the first signs. Is this a sign, or not:


Will it begin to stop the sky from falling?

Keep us posted, Marley. Up to now I get the usual daily notice (green dots) of everyone I am following. But I notice the same tendency you indicate: too much tech, too much PS I love you kind of stuff (not in my selection of preferred issues), hard to find older work. more trolls and bigots. Less black writers? I will pay attention to that. Read work of five of them today.

Just raised my applause to 49, after my rating Gorilla advised me likewise. Why not 50? Because the very funny script is so quintessentially American in its violent ending: a family conflict ends in a shooting after torture. But the Alexia-theme is hilarious.

Chris Coolsma

Friend of life and beauty and foe of spoilers of life and beauty. Golden marriage. Grandfather. Pianist and micro poet. Dutch, European.

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