Again a good, be it sad laugh in the morning, Allan. Thank you.

The truth is even worse than truth in satire. Just read the Bullshitter-Creep-Grabber-Liar-in-Chief this morning retweeted several tweets by Jayda Fransen, extreme right wing Islam hater, one of which is fake news. The video of ‘Islamic criminal behavior’ she tweeted is fake. This was found out in May 2017, by right wing journalists in my country (fun fact).

I have tried to get the picture. The president of the USA has time to read tweets of right wing extremists? He cannot control himself, nor the truth of the news and retweets them? This Jayda, bag of vomit from Brexannia, recently arrested for disturbing an Islamic gathering, is followed by a president of a nation that is considered to be superpower #1?

What can I say? It places everything you write in a grim perspective, grimmer than ever.

Follow up (11/29): the Dutch Embassy has notified the Grabcreeper of this error. I am looking forward to the reply. The PM of Brexannia, Mrs May be-May be not, has corrected her right wing colleague in a tweet. No migrant, no Muslim. He responded with a tweeted rebuke. In short: she should mind her own biz. Such is the State of the Union. My condolences, my dear American friends.

Friend of life and beauty and foe of spoilers of life and beauty. Golden marriage. Grandfather. Pianist and micro poet. Dutch, European.

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