Allan, over here in the tiny cosy country under the symbolic reign of the realOranges we see how adequate your gut feelings about the Bragging Bullshitting Baby Liar in Chief have been since the catastrophic day he was elected. I have compared him to a virus before (DJT-16, causing donvid-16, deforming brain cells and eventually leading to death by stupidity after combined fits of twitteritis and liaritis). It is the only virus known to originate from one specified individual of the species Homo Ignorantius. Recent research has indicated a spontaneous jump-modification of Homo Sapiens. Although similarities with other vile, evil, ignorant, dangerous specimen in history seem abundant – narcistic, racist, apt to tunnel visions, grotesque, reliant on propaganda, inclined to sack anyone, distrustful, opportunistic, propagating violence against his own species – there is no proven genetic relation (cf Oh. Godwin, ‘Research into historical similarities between Nazism of the Third Reich and other autocratic regimes’, Frankenstein 2017, ch. LVIII). I think he is a virus, but other researchers indicate he is a bacteria from the family of the Enterobacteriaceae, the T.Coli, producing clouds of gas. I personally distrust this theory, it smells, because the research has been funded by Big Pharma.

Anyhow, you were right and you are right. Lock him up please!

Friend of life and beauty and foe of spoilers of life and beauty. Golden marriage. Grandfather. Pianist and micro poet. Dutch, European.

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