BREAKING: Trump is elected as Prick of the Year 2017 by the jury of the Prick of the Year Contest on Dutch public radio. *

Allan, I have a consoling message from another state that has been crapped by the B-C-in-C, not yet by calling it shithouse or shithole, but by commissioning a moronic white liar (pun intended) as ambassador — you know, that little speck on the globe that is the Kingdom of the realNaranjas. I gave it away already: the Shitmeister has been elected as Prick of the Year. He has been awarded the prize because:

  1. He has attacked and violated women’s rights, specifically the right of a woman to decide about her own body (abortion policy);
  2. He has violated minority rights;
  3. He is violating democratic principles like the separation of powers;
  4. Both his statements and his behavior insult women on a daily basis;
  5. The policies he stands for are detrimental for all women;
  6. He has assembled a bunch of white pricks around him with similar opinions, attitudes and behavior.

I have added one more fact:

7. He is constantly appointing clones of himself to governmental positions, thus spreading his dreadful ideas like the plague.

Impeach him, dear American friends. Send him away. Crush him with democratic and judicial means. We are with you.

*He beat six other declared enemies of free women: General Sisi of Egypt (awarded the Public’s Prize), President Duterte of the Philippines; President Zuma of South-Africa; President Rehman of Pakistan; Prime Minister Kaszyrinski of Poland and President Temer of Brasil. Quite an achievement, because those other six men are dictators, corrupt, openly anti-democratic leaders, and/or sued for rape (Zuma).

Friend of life and beauty and foe of spoilers of life and beauty. Golden marriage. Grandfather. Pianist and micro poet. Dutch, European.

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