Dear Allan and the Allanites, over here the AIVD (kind of Dutch CIA) recieved a usb-stick from an undisclosed source (secret services never disclose their source) very far from your president, but close to the European Committee, with the conversation between Commissioners mr Tusk and mr Timmermans after they read the transcript of the SOTU. I had to delete nothing, because over here we do not need obscenities and explicits in a political conversation or dispute. We actually think they are stupid, rude, impolite, condescending, unwarranted, illegal, irreverent, blunt, uncivil, insulting, contra-productive, vile, hurting unnecessary, dumb, cruel, and Trumpish.

Here is the synopsis of a transcript of the file:

Mr T: hahaha

Mr T: hahahahaha

Mr T: oh, please, hahahahaha, stop laughing mr T

Mr T: I…well….I…hahahaha….can’t stop mr T…

Mr T: H.h.he is so….incredibly pompous…haha….it is hard to believe he really exists.

Mr T: but you and I know….

Mr T: yeah, we know, he exists….and we have to deal with that….

Mr T: haha…deal….sure…but back to business…

Mr T: yes, what to do with all those Anglosaxon friends suddenly turned crazy?

Mr T: let’s just use a press conference to say he deserves a special place in hell, just like the radicalist Brexiteers.

Mr T: hahahaha, good plan…..let ME do that. You order PR to inform the tabloids. He will do the tweets.

Friend of life and beauty and foe of spoilers of life and beauty. Golden marriage. Grandfather. Pianist and micro poet. Dutch, European.

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