Dear Hank, you are a shining light in the misty morning. Thank you. I will certainly drop by as much as possible within the limits of non-membership. It is hard to leave Medium, feels like failure, but life is about choices and quality is about steadfast choices. Less is more.

Before the end of my membership I will try to explain one other reason for this step: I do not understand the USA at all. My opinions are built on quicksand.

Too much emotion, not enough ration. The USA are so diverse, so not a coherent country, that I cannot get a grip on it. I met some Americans in the last 40 years, may be 100, and met some more on Medium. Most of ’em were/are nice, open people. If we talked politics, it was after discovering we were both leaning left and mutually interested in each other. Same bubble, yes. Complicated. I will come back to this. The key word for the future of the USA and all of us is: pop the bubbles. Skip ideology, be pragmatic and search for middle ground. Ideology makes blind. Skip the two-party divide, introduce more variety. Two-party systems block nuance. Get back to the grass roots, the cities, the towns, the villages. Empower them. Everyone just hopes to fulfill at least the most basic needs of the need pyramid.

In the realm of satire this kind of nuance disappears too fast. In the realm of resistance poetry rage and despair prevail over mutual understanding.

Friend of life and beauty and foe of spoilers of life and beauty. Golden marriage. Grandfather. Pianist and micro poet. Dutch, European.

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