Dear mr Hex,

If you read my response to Tim Neal, you know you are a thwitter, a satirist who manages to pile wit on wit on wit. The answers you thwut have easily saturated my need for satire today. Thank you for that! I never ever expected anyone to be capable of answering the questions I swut. On top of that the woman you love is Dutch, just like mine. We have much in common! We detest Drumph and the Cockroach Dork, or what did you call that twat Farage. We like beers, lewd or cold. You know where Looe is (I didn’t but now I do!) (Actually this Loo-matter is an old Dutch joke, may be the women you love knows it. It is about an Englishman and his wife traveling through the Netherlands. They want to see the Royal Loo Palace. At the ticket desk he asks for ‘ Two to the Loo to’. The girl behind the glass looks up and answers in a silly voice ‘Tatadelata!’ I forgot why we thought this was funny.)

Thank you for liking the tiny little Kingdom of the Oranges. After the Brexshit it is hard to maintain the love and admiration I used to feel for the Brits, but you certainly are one of the 48% exceptional English people to revere and laud. And a pub quizmaster too! Hope to meet you here again. Satirists of all countries, if you are fwitter, switter or thwitter, unite!

Friend of life and beauty and foe of spoilers of life and beauty. Golden marriage. Grandfather. Pianist and micro poet. Dutch, European.

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