Dear Patricia,

This is what is called ‘nudging’. You are subtly nudging me back to Medium. I appreciate this very much, but I took the hard decision to quit after a long time of diminishing contributions to Medium. Hard to turn back in this track. It is frustrating to want to write and not being able to write anything worthwile to be made public. Especially when in a language that doesn’t come easily. I intend to continue reading Medium stuff, though. I know Meg and her admirable project. Chalkboard is a great project too. I follow Caitlin Johnstone and umair haque. I think I know how brave Allan Ishac and Steven Rouach are. I want to follow many more, but there is a life outside Medium.

Thank you for the help you offer. Medium seems to work properly again, but I will come back to you if and when I have problems again. (One of them being the trouble in tracing the latest posts of Allan and Steven. They are never part of the daily meal I get from Medium. Always have to search for their names, their publications and the latest publication.)

And thank you for the link to beauty. I will follow it and may be take it as a starting point for my own beauty parlour. Yes, I am hesitating.

So, all in all you nudged me back to doubt. I have 45 more days to rethink the leave decision.

Did I say it already? Thank you!

Friend of life and beauty and foe of spoilers of life and beauty. Golden marriage. Grandfather. Pianist and micro poet. Dutch, European.

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