Dear Trustless,

Trust me, some people are lucky, others have to fight for luck all their life. I was extremely lucky, I know.

  1. Born after the last world war in a peaceful little country (right time, right place) with a stable and usually sensible governmental system, protected by strong allies (NATO, EU);
  2. Parents chosen according to the Chinese saying ‘one has to be wise in choosing once parents’, bred with love, attention and patience, supported in choosing the best education possible for my IQ and interests; infested with compassion and love for everything;
  3. Drafted, but in an army in peace time without any risk of being sent to war -escaping dangerous situations;
  4. Not lazy enough to not getting graduated, too lazy and too careful to take big risks;
  5. Financially lucky enough because my father worked hard for his own and our wealth, my two subsequent jobs paid well enough, my wife added to our wealth by saving for her retirement; Dutch pensions for university professors are more than sufficient for a safe retirement;
  6. Never having to wait long for a fitting job, landing two jobs that completely covered my career and gave me a lot of satisfaction— the second in higher education, for 33 years, hence my profile;
  7. Marrying the right girl, being together for 48 years now — never seriously ill -two beautiful, healthy kids with good brains and as lucky as their parents, four healthy and clever grandchildren — it’s all in the family;
  8. Never being at the wrong place at the wrong time that I know of;
  9. Blessed with enough talent to enjoy making music, a little bit of writing, and the beauty of arts, science, nature and human beings;

Take a look at Maslow’s hierarchy of needs to understand that I got the opportunity of never encountering any deficiency of needs, material or immaterial. I am convinced that the right (humanistic) education in combination with true love for children opens the gates to such an opportunity for everybody.

So hahahahahahah indeed!

Friend of life and beauty and foe of spoilers of life and beauty. Golden marriage. Grandfather. Pianist and micro poet. Dutch, European.

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