Dear Trustless (just to understand you — is this your name, or an alias, and if it is an alias, why do you use it? Are you afraid of something, or what?),

Going back to where we started — you hahahah’d about something important in my profile — that I’m dedicated to teaching. I guessed you misunderstood this. So I tried to explain the background of that fact. The background is that I teached for 33 years, that I have been very lucky in life and that the luck of being educated is one of the causes of that luck. So much luck increased the chances of happiness for me. It doesn’t make me better. You responded with a video of (I think) many unhappy and unlucky people. I didn’t understand what this has to do with the matter at hand. And now you show somebody rightfully arrested after using violence against people that preach violence against people that do not fit into their idea of society. He also used violence against police officers.

Now do you want to hear my opinion, or give yours about:

a. the ideas of this man about the ideas of the people he attacked;

b. his ideas about the use of violence;

c. the ideas about the use of violence of the people he attacked;

d. the violence he used when attacking those people;

e. the violence of the people he attacked against him;

f. the violence he used against the police;

g. the arrest;

h. or just him being victim or not?

Or what?

Friend of life and beauty and foe of spoilers of life and beauty. Golden marriage. Grandfather. Pianist and micro poet. Dutch, European.

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