Dear You, because you started following me, I read this post(and more by you). Enjoyed it. I have been a husband for 47 years, will be one till death do us part. Let me add some extra features of the husband(or any male):

  • We(male husbands, I do not know about female husbands in same gender marriages), do not like alterations in our homes once the most logical arrangement is found. You(female wives etc)want to change the arrangement at least once a year, mostly in spring — after moving the furniture around for a while you tend to settle for the original arrangement. We both know this, but we still repeat the ritual;
  • We tend to forget personal data like birthdays, names of babies, matrimonial day. You not only know them, you pay attention;
  • We love to give you flowers, but we are not very good in arranging them;
  • We choose cars after a thorough technical analysis, especially top speed, acceleration speed, sound of the motor and number of gears. You choose cars on the basis of color and the presence of a glass roof;
  • When shopping (most husbands prefer not to, I am the exception) we go straight for the article we need. You want to see and feel every single variation of an article, try it, make a choice, but absolutely want to scan all other shops in town for a better/cheaper alternative. At the end of the day you go back to the very first shop, where the article you preferred has been sold out in the mean time.
  • We have brains unfit for handling laundry. We are able to learn it, but eventually all white items will be pink or light blue. You are experts in this field.
  • Most of us are rather good in geographical orientation. We understand the concept of the compass. You at least pretend to be completely lost, except when the fanciest and cheapest shops are looked for.
  • We know who is the boss at home: you. You pretend we are.
  • You love us. We too.

Friend of life and beauty and foe of spoilers of life and beauty. Golden marriage. Grandfather. Pianist and micro poet. Dutch, European.

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