Thank you for your thoughts on this complicated subject. Once a pacifist always a pacifist, I’d say. I think people should stop waging wars and start — or go on — finding ways to cooperate, respecting each others values and beliefs. I know that is a dream, but it still is my frame of reference for judging behavior, to begin with my own.

We Europeans were lucky enough to find allies against the worst regimes threatening freedom — Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia. In that time military power was necessary to conquer those evil regimes. Both Hitler and Stalin were mass murderers, both of their own citizens and many many others. The Hirohito regime was as evil in its absolutism. We have to be grateful we were liberated by the Canadians, the Polish, the Brits and the Yanks, all with the help of their own slaves or former slaves. You know how many American soldiers were non-white. They didn’t get much in return for their contribution to the war. Once colored, always colored….

After that, the reign of the USA began. It seemed logical to accept it, especially because of the Marshall Plan, the shining American way of life , jazz and rock ‘n roll, and the umbrella of NATO, at the same time a perfect selling model for the American tobacco industry, entertainment industry, weapon industry, aircraft industry and all the other blessings in disguise we were flooded with, i.e. unhealthy fast food and drugs. Heroïn came with the returning g.i.’s from Vietnam and other battle fields, a concealed Eisenhower and Nixon present. It was part of a weapons-drugs trade system. We were blind for it. We loved the myth of the American dream, we forgot the fate of the original native Americans and the slaves we had transported to the former colonies. We didn’t see any harm done. Our Christian belief, our values, are at the root of our rogue economies. We are partners in crime.

From the perspective of the orginal inhabitants of what have become colonies of the other European powers — Britain, Portugal, Spain, the Netherlands, Italy, France, Belgium — we were and sometimes still are the oppressors. Our present wealth originates in slave trade and theft of practically everything we could lay our greedy hands on. We were one of the last countries abolishing slavery. Amsterdam, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, has been built on the profits of colonial trade, protected by generals and armies committing war crimes in the process of occupation. Oh yes, our ancestors were great seafarers, great adventurers, great admirals, great inventors too. Once Dutch, always Dutch.

There is a remarkable similarity between the Era of the USA and the Era of the Dutch republic in the 17th century. There are many parallels. Two military-trade/industrial complexes with worldwide power. Cultural hubs. Scientific hubs. Alike in ruthless and deathly cruelty against other civilizations. Arrogant in claiming our civilization was the greatest.

So, what shall I say? What should we, partners in crime, do? Prove it is possible to turn around to peace and diplomatic cooperation. Overturn our white supremacist elitist governments. End the madness of nuclear armament. Stop advertising Christianity as the one and only good way of thinking and living. Clean up the mess in the discriminating police force. Stop the madness of the national and international arms race. Become the herald of modernization again. Stop being the cop of the world. Start an exemplary transition to a sustainable economy. Look for once seriously at the Rhineland model, a result of the mixture of liberalism and socialism aimed at collective compensation of individual bad luck and poverty.

Hold McCain against this measuring staff. That is what I tried to do. He may be a hero on some aspects, but the sum total is negative to me. And yes, I hope he opposes the efforts to swap Obamacare for an even worse system. McCains last stand. And yes, that would be heroic, I totally agree.

Friend of life and beauty and foe of spoilers of life and beauty. Golden marriage. Grandfather. Pianist and micro poet. Dutch, European.

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