Does it make sense to bring in some serious stuff here, from the real world, I mean outside the kindergarten of horror over there? It is all disturbingly absurd with this demented toddler and all, but over here in the realOrange Kingdom of the King with the garter ( this used to be Queen Victoria’s secret, but the most venerable Elisabeth took over:)


and its neighbour queendom Brexitannia we are used to grown ups playing silly comedy disguised as serious matter. The two adults, at left and centre, dressed up as kids playing kings and queens, are King Willem-Alexander Claus George Ferdinand and Queen Elizabeth Alexandra Mary. Aren’t they cute? The elegant, charming, lovely, dazzling, noble, friendly, strong lady at the right, dressed up as an elegant, charming, lovely, dazzling, noble, friendly, strong lady, is Queen (yes, another queen!) Máxima. No, no, stop thinking about her in connection to garters. Stay focused.

I am focused too! The subject here is absurdity, silliness and fathomless admiration for the forever childish human spirit. I think we win (again), because this garterism goes back to 1358, while your prazydent goes back to 2016. (Hey, you are not paying attention, you are still looking at the lovely lady in pink. I understand, she is marvelous. And she is MY queen, nanananana!)

Friend of life and beauty and foe of spoilers of life and beauty. Golden marriage. Grandfather. Pianist and micro poet. Dutch, European.

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