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Drum roll for Allan © JCC 2019

First of all I performed the ritual drum roll for you, Allan. 50 claps.

After that I sat back and sighed. A president of the DSA inviting his minions to start a Civil War? Quabbrlrlrlrlrl….tdgjnndrrrrr…..dzjbbdudnnnnnnn? Revolting. Check. Abhorrent. Check. Crazy. Check. Far out. Check. Criminal Check. Off his rocker. Check. Liar. Check. Traitor. Check. Bullshitter. Check. Racist. Check. Fraud. Check. Insane. Check. Nuts. Check. Kooky. Check. Disturbed. Check. Mad. Check. Lunatic. Check. Zonkers. Check. Stupid. Check. Dangerous. Check. Fool. Check. Weird. Check. Strange. Check. Bananas. Check. Bonkers. Check. Crazier than shit-house rat. Check. Cuckoo. Check. Freaky-Deaky. Check. Noid. Check. Psycho. Check. Whacked. Check. Zany. Check.

It is even worse. This man singlehandedly invented a whole new level of bullshittery. A fool rushed into the Oval Office and threatens with civil war if he is legally kicked out. Gasp……

Friend of life and beauty and foe of spoilers of life and beauty. Golden marriage. Grandfather. Pianist and micro poet. Dutch, European.

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