For the first time since I started following your malarkey (without the slightest idea what a malarkey is, but it must be something funny) I didn’t laugh, Allan. I wondered why and I think I know. What you write is no longer satirical, because it is not an exaggeration or blow up of a truth. It is the outrageous truth. You give me the shivers.

We were bitterly joking because we have ample proof of the BC-in-C to be insane, crazy, idiotic, over the top disturbed, mischievous, sexist, racist, mysogynist, fraudulent, myopic, dumb, lying, analphabetic, gross, coward, humorless, vain, aggressive narcissist, provocative, tangerine, lunatic, treacherous, chaotic, punk, thief, robber, murderer (at least by proxy), traitor, pouting child, probably incestuous, unreliable, disloyal, misleading, lazy, expensive at the cost of the tax payer, tasteless, and a bad golf player, but we think that makes him powerless because we believe in the system of checks and balances. OK, could be it changed into a system of cheques and balance sheets, but there still is much to be admired in the foundations of the US political system.

But now we are crossing the line. Now you have put this crooked pussy grabber in the league of the deranged gunslingers, like Charlton Heston, Kill-My-Son and Saddam Hussein. And he is not even shouting ‘over my dead body’ like Ben Hur, he is shouting ‘over your dead bodies’ like Saddam or Kill-My-Son. He should be locked up. He loves walls. Give him four walls. You still have that great illegal prison in Cuba. I would even accept an orange colored suit on him. I try to get back in the satirical mode.

Friend of life and beauty and foe of spoilers of life and beauty. Golden marriage. Grandfather. Pianist and micro poet. Dutch, European.

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