‘Frack-powered golf cart’! Over here in the tiny little Kingdom of the Oranges we do not feel particularly enthralled by this idea, to put it mildly. For simple reasons:

a. Dutch babies come with a bike. They ride into the world from their mothers womb on tiny twocycles. Dutch mothers aren’t built for golf carts. Apart from this you cannot handle a golf cart while you are already sitting on a bike.

b. 17.000.000 Dutch own 32.194.678 bikes. And I am not counting baby bikes and bikes on the bottom of canals, ditches and lakes. Imagine 32.194.678 golf carts filling our already cluttered cities and fouling our waters. A disaster of apocalyptic proportions. In other words a huge, yes huge Trumpaster. It will be huge.

c. In several cities underground parkings for up to 22.000 bikes were recently opened. The surface consuming ratio (SCr) of 1 cart to 1 bike being 5, we will have to completely reconstruct our underground cities.

d. Over here in the tlKotO most golf carts are used in hospitals, to transport the old and the ill. Their imago is bad. Not good. Young people will not buy them. They hate ‘em. They will leave them in the shops. The carts will clutter the parkings of factories. Not good.

e. Classical bikes are out. A modern Dutchman and Dutchwoman rides electrically powered bicycles. Don’t tell T-Rex. He might add the idea of frack-powered bikes.

f. Although I like the idea of a Tour de France, a Giro d’Italia or a Vuelta with golf carts -a kind of Formula G- , only human-powered vehicles will be allowed. Even Lance Armstrong declared he is opposed to motorizations of racing bicycles. That wouldn’t be fair, he told a source undisclosed to me.

All in all this part of the deal is a no go.

Friend of life and beauty and foe of spoilers of life and beauty. Golden marriage. Grandfather. Pianist and micro poet. Dutch, European.

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