Glad you like it, Allan!

You hope I am well. I was till I tried to buy your e-book and encountered the totally crazy world of Pay Pal. The last time I used Pay Pal was in 1995. After that the phishing mailing started. The phishing mails I get are usually related to some American Bank I never had any relation with, or will have till I die, or to….yup, Pay Pal. I avoid Pay Pal ever since. You understand how happy I was I could choose between PayPal and my own Credit Card (I am Dutch, so I have one Credit Card, I seldom use). But no, after giving the details of my card, I still had to open a Pay Pal account. I tried to open it, but I didn’t know my password of 1995. No problem, I could change it. Followed the procedure, had to verify, could choose between a call (on an old phone number that doesn’t work anymore), an email or security questions. Hurray! I chose the email procedure, got a security code, applied it and…had to verify again. Two options: we call you (yup, but that number is no longer available, gender) or you answer the security questions. Last four digits of my driver’s license and maiden name of my mother. Easy. But no: failure, some of the answers were not correct. Probably because I got a new license recently, we have to renew it every 10 years or so. Or I forgot the maiden name of my mother, which is Anna Louise Riemens. No problem, the helpless help desk told me, I could easily change the phone number. Just log in……..

My last resort was an email to the helpless help desk of Pay Pal. No problem. Just pose your question. After two clicks I was asked, aaaaaaaaah, I was aaaaaaaaaaaasked, I aaaaaaah, had to log in.

So sorry, but I am not able to buy your book. Blame Pay Pal, probably related to Microsoft or Google, the other two firms that have a customer policy to drive the customer mad.

I know, I should count my blessings, because I have nothing to do with American phone companies, the IRS, election polling stations, canvassing political parties, or the institution installed at the borders of your great country, meant to bully, intimidate, humiliate and by all means barricade foreigners that loved to visit it.

And yes, I apologize but I HATE PAY PAL. If I had a pal like that, I would shove him into the next cess pool.

(Update: I LOVE THE DUTCH HELP DESK OF PAY PAL. One of the helpers really helped me. I was able to buy the ebook after that. She repeated several times that Pay Pal maintains very strict security procedures. I know by now! I appreciate it! The validation procedure could be a little bit less complicated, though. I am happy to go back to the Dutch Pay Pal, called iDeal. (Clever name, isn’t it?)

Friend of life and beauty and foe of spoilers of life and beauty. Golden marriage. Grandfather. Pianist and micro poet. Dutch, European.

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