Great! We can see how every (dis)advantage has its (dis)advantage (Johan Cruyff).

In casu exit the BC-in-C >> entry CC in NY. We were there once and we loved it. Keep very dear memories of the Lunch Boat, departure near Battery Park.

Now that we talk about the Big Apple, I just have to add one of my favorite poems, written by Billy Collins, because it fits perfectly into my memories of that city:


This is not bad —

ambling along 44th Street

with Sonny Rollins for company,

his music flowing through the soft calipers

of these earphones,

as if he were right beside me

on this clear day in March,

the pavement sparkling with sunlight,

pigeons fluttering off the curb,

nodding over a profusion of bread crumbs.

In fact, I would say

my delight at being suffused

with phrases from his saxophone —

some like honey, some like vinegar —

is surpassed only by my gratitude

to Tommy Potter for taking the time

to join us on this breezy afternoon

with his most unwieldy bass

and to the esteemed Arthur Taylor

who is somehow managing to navigate

this crowd with his cumbersome drums.

And I bow deeply to Thelonious Monk

for figuring out a way

to motorize — or whatever — his huge piano

so he could be with us today.

This music is loud yet so confidential.

I cannot help feeling even more

like the center of the universe

than usual as I walk along to a rapid

little version of “The Way You Look Tonight,”

and all I can say to my fellow pedestrians,

to the woman in the white sweater,

the man in the tan raincoat and the heavy glasses,

who mistake themselves for the center of the universe —

all I can say is watch your step,

because the five of us, instruments and all,

are about to angle over

to the south side of the street

and then, in our own tightly knit way,

turn the corner at Sixth Avenue.

And if any of you are curious

about where this aggregation,

this whole battery-powered crew,

is headed, let us just say

that the real center of the universe,

the only true point of view,

is full of hope that he,

the hub of the cosmos

with his hair blown sideways,

will eventually make it all the way downtown.

Friend of life and beauty and foe of spoilers of life and beauty. Golden marriage. Grandfather. Pianist and micro poet. Dutch, European.

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