Hey, Allan! Have been away for a while. An algorithm of Medium ‘somehow marked my mail as spam’ and blocked my account. On Liberation Day! The day I tried to post happy congratulations for the removal of the man with the name I will never ever mention again. Let’s call him Bluntie forever.

You have foretold impeachment of Bluntie since 1/20/16, and history has proven your deep understanding of politics. We even have witnessed TWO impeachment procedures. The second will wipe him forever from the slate of presidents.

And now: forward Social-Democrat soldiers! With a flash of lightning I received a future vision: 8 years Biden/Harris- 8 years AOC/Buttigieg – 8 years Gorman/Harris jr.

PS: That defacing cannot refer to Dali. Bluntie hates art. He wouldn’t be able to mark the difference between a Deli, a Dolly or a Dali.