Hey Steve, it is getting extremely confusing for us, living in a country that just voted ‘fake news’ (‘nepnieuws’) to second place in one of the two elections of the Word of the Year 2017. (Because you love FUN facts, I add the winners, respectively ‘plofklas’ and ‘appongeluk’*.)

As far as I know, Trumpetytrumpy has categorically condemned the NYT as a producer of ‘fake news’. This means, in the world of real human beings, it produces news that is a lie with the intention to polarize.

Now the Greatest Liar of the 21st Century accepts an interview by that newspaper. Meaning the transcript of that interview is fake news.

According to the transcript he lied 10 times. Meaning he created false news himself in a fake news producing newspaper.

This either is a master stroke by a superior con artist -because he proves the paper produces fake news, by publicizing the fake news he himself offers-or it is proof he is not real himself. He just doesn’t exist. In this case he is made up by and part of the Freak State, consisting of walking brain dead corpses, aka zombies.

A final hypothesis: he hates being second to anyone. He heard about Pete Hoekstra, the new ambassador of your country in my cute little Kingdom, who managed to lie on camera, called that lie fake news and denied in one breath before that same camera he had called the lie about the lie he called fake news, fake news.

Now that is quite something. Only a brain dead walking corpse, aka zombie, could come up with such double-double-double speak. So the B-C-in-C decided he had to outbid (or should we write outbad) Pete. And won.

*’plofklas’: a class with too much pupils to manage for a teacher, normal practice in Naranja Kingdom, after consistently cutting budgets.

*’appongeluk’: traffic accident caused by driver distracted by apping

Friend of life and beauty and foe of spoilers of life and beauty. Golden marriage. Grandfather. Pianist and micro poet. Dutch, European.

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