Hey Steve, kind, witty and carbon friend! You know what actually disturbes my inner peace more than the wildly moronic behavior of your president? Four facts:

  1. That all his thoughts and frolicking behavior are rolling out of a head that is connected directly -apparently wireless — to media that produce an incessable flow of fake messages about reality and to a processing mechanism that usually is known as brains, but in his case exists of a loosely coupled anarchy of incoherently twittering neurotons (neurotic neurons) consisting of powerless blubber. Even if he does not have his daily ration of chemical stimulants you so aptly have catalogued.
  2. That he is not immediately (after his first presidential tweet) arrested and kindly deported to an island that is alternately struck by tornado’s, floods, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. (But with a golf course, a warehouse full of his favorite snacks and a kindergarten).
  3. That China soon will take over the global market, after taking over the internet after becoming the international center of innovation and social control, worse than Singapore — a refined version of the 1984-state.
  4. What meanwhile is happening in Syria, Jemen, Lybia, Nigeria, Sudan, Egypt, the CAR, Congo, Venezuela, Afghanistan, Iran, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Surinam, Poland, Hungary, Turkey, Cambodia, Myanmar, all the Oceans, the air we inhale, Italy, Kosovo, Russia and Serbia, to name the worst.

Friend of life and beauty and foe of spoilers of life and beauty. Golden marriage. Grandfather. Pianist and micro poet. Dutch, European.

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