Hey Steven, no, I’m not dead. Yet. Could happen sooner than expected, because some kind of vile blob of molecules is looking for hospitality in humans like us. Ach, old news.

Last months I’ve been less around on Medium. The reason is simple: some kind of vile blob of molecules has been awarded the title of President of the United States. Although Blob (DJT-rep-16) is not familiar with the concept of hospitality, more with alienation, it is as dangerous for humans like us because it infects the very structure of our societies. Ach, old news.

The idiocy and danger of Blobby has reached the level of the most dangerous idiots in human history. You know them, most are dead. https://www.thedailybeast.com/saddam-hussein-hitler-stalin-mao-and-more-13-deadliest-dictators-photos?ref=scroll. Ach, old news.

But alas, some are still alive and kicking (others). The most murderous of the moment is Assad of Syria, helped by Putin of Russia; but his equal is the Kim Jung dynasty of Northern Korea, covered by Xi of China. Equally dangerously deranged are Putin of Russia; Bolsonaro of Brasil, afficionado of Blobby; Maduro of Venezuela; and Khomeiny of Iran, hating Blobby. Ach, old news.

Get to the point, Chris! My point is that I am so mad and flabbergasted about the incoherent blabbery flowing out of the mouth of Blobby AND about the fact that he is still supported by so many Americans, I wanted to erect a huge WALL between me and that confused country on the other side of the Atlantic Plastic Soup. I still admire your satire, still want to support you, but nothing seems to change. And now, a white 75 year hardly progressive old male will be the Dem presidential candidate. Ach, old news.

And that is the real reason for me to fall silent: desperation and disbelieve.

Let’s skip the fact that the corona virus and a possible cure have been developed and spread by the USA (Khomeiny claims) and NATO (Putin claims). Oh, man, this news is killing me. Blobby is an idiot, but so are the other dictators in the world.

Friend of life and beauty and foe of spoilers of life and beauty. Golden marriage. Grandfather. Pianist and micro poet. Dutch, European.

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