Hi, I am Dutch, living in Nederland (The Netherlands). Thank you for your careful research. Four words are part of our language too: cakewalk (only used in fairs for a contraption that will vanish soon); Eskimo (there is a tendency to swap this for Inuït, but if the Inuït prefer Eskimo, what should we do?); master-bedroom (in real estate jargon, I am sure absolutely nobody has the slightest idea about its origin, but there is a strong anti-racist movement over here, it might vanish); hip-hip-hurray, in Dutch hiep hiep hoera (mostly used during birthday parties after blowing the candles, I am sure none of the 17.000.000 Dutch ever thinks our thought about its origins. I asked some Jewish friends, they are not offended at all by this use of the word).

I have a candidate: the epiteton 'Dutch' in its many contemptuos connotations. I find that very insulting. Stop it, and stop using our national banner as a sign that the shop is open. Remove the word OPEN in the white field.

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