How come this man has been elected?

Steve and all the other American friends in trouble, I do not know as much as you about your country, I live relatively safe on the other side of a rising ocean, it is easy for me to criticize this monster, I have zero power to support you, but I dare to add a few points of horror to this overview. This nepotistic president without precedent*:

  1. Has no clue about the function of public government (including firms with public responsibility), nor does he know what governance means. The function of public government is the solution of public policy problems with the most benefits against least cost for humanity. (Making America great again means making life on the globe great again);
  2. Did not take one single decision attaining that goal, no, the exact opposite. His decisions have only caused more problems, sorrow, trouble and chaos.
  3. Signed a spate of executive orders without a clue about the process of public policy making. This shows he thinks he is a magician whose acts result in immediate change in society (Poof!). He is oblivious to the process that is called implementation: chains of people taking care of the realization of political decisions. You will get the picture, but I’ll give one example. When a president decides the infrastructure in the USA will be greatly improved, to begin with replacement of the many bridges that are falling apart, those bridges are not rebuilt tomorrow. You need investment of tax money, institution of an army of engineers, planners, construction workers, legal people, traffic police etc. It was one of the promises of the Liar. He did nothing at all. The infrastructure keeps crumbling away. He will not assemble the necessary money because he reduces taxes. He is destructing the very institutions he needs to implement his promises.
  4. Doesn’t understand that ‘a thing is real if it is real in its consequences’. This means -among others- we are responsible for the consequences of our behavior. Every human being is. The higher the number of possible consequences the bigger this responsibility. In short: The Bullshitter in chief acts like Rosemary’s baby, the child of the devil. That is quite something for a man of my age.
  5. Follows the policy of the devil, the opposite of a humanist public policy: it increases public problems, by decreasing benefits for society at ever higher cost. Yes, there are benefits, for the rich. (People who voted for him often said that he is a successful businessman, who will solve their problems like a businessman. They are wrong. He is not successful. A businessman like the Hypergrabber is only interested in increasing personal gain at the cost of society).
  6. Doesn’t know (if he does, that makes him an even bigger scoundrel) that prosperity is a result of a mixture of individual creativity and social cooperation. He is killing creativity (science, art, education) and social cooperation. The devil aims at polarization, conflict, disharmony, selfishness, egomania. He himself and his followers are like the citizens of Florence, in the words of Dante Alighieri: “superbia, invidia e avarizia”; Divina Commedia, Inferno VI, vv.74–75). Yes, I found this on Wikipedia.
  7. Is clueless in foreign policy: He has estranged democratic partners of the USA; he underwrites one of the stupidest decisions of the 21st century: the Brexit; he leaves white spots in the alliances in the world that will be filled up by villains; he buddies up with murderous dictators; he does nothing to end the horrible war in Jemen, waged by another ally of the USA (Saudi Arabia); all his twitter mania has not helped one single bit in solving the conflict with North Korea; his Great Wall will solve nothing, only cause suffering for Latin Americans. Etc. ad infinitum.

I hope with all my heart you will succeed in organizing resistance.

Friend of life and beauty and foe of spoilers of life and beauty. Golden marriage. Grandfather. Pianist and micro poet. Dutch, European.

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