In a bush in a somber part of a National Park in Maine a butterfly was discovered with a striking resemblance with the fired presidential spokesperson Sean Spicer. The stress and grief of the little creature can be derived from the hair turned almost white. Another remarkable feature is the moustache. For recent pictures to compare see Steven Rouachs post:

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(© Janco Grave) Caterpillar Spicosis Malafidea Americana

The butterfly is in great danger, thank god. The park in Maine will soon be closed as a consequence of the decision of the newly appointed nature hating Director of National Forests and Deserts, Penelope Sawshank-Cutroot, who reportedly said: ‘Forests are a useless nuisance, full of creepy animals (sic?!), they will all be cleared; the wood will be sold for use in the new National fleet of cars on wood gas engines. The Federal Government is investing big time in industries producing those innovative engines.’ An example of a model, secretly snapped on the premises of the Testa Motor Company:

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Mrs Sawshank- Cutroot continued: ‘The cleared land will be used for golf-links, golf-hotels, parking lots for golf carts on wood gas, wholesale dumped electric cars, extra grave yards necessary to process the effects of Trumpcareless, centers for secret CIA prisons’, and deserts. I love deserts.’

Poor Sean, never safe again.

So it goes. (Kurt Vonnegut, Slaughterhouse five)

This post had not been possible without the always inspiring posts of Allan Ishac and Steven Rouach, the picture of the butterfly made by Janco Grave, the absurd policies and tweets (not being policies) of the Creep in Chief, the most forgettable accident called Spicer, the archive of the Verzetsmuseum Amsterdam (Museum of The Resistance in Amsterdam) and Mrs. Penelope Sawshank-Cutroot who loves deserts and despicers forests.

Friend of life and beauty and foe of spoilers of life and beauty. Golden marriage. Grandfather. Pianist and micro poet. Dutch, European.

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