Just in case you are thinking I have died or dozed away in a comatose sleep, Allan: I am alive and kicking. This is made easy by the kick starts you give us every day. I was only a little bit distracted by the news that Pete Hoekstra really will become the Ambassador of the Ufonied Skates of America. I hoped it was one of those daily phantasies of Horsetail Don that will shock us for a minute and just die away. But is is true.

Pete (P) was interviewed by one of our American correspondents (C).

C: some time ago (2015) you said there are no-go zones in the Netherlands and cars and politicians are put on fire by the muslim movement.

P: I didn’t say that. That is a false statement. We use to call this fake news.

Thereupon the fragment of Pete’s speech is shown. But Pete denies, thus declaring his own assertion fake news.

So your country is sending a Trump-clone to our country. A Trump-clone who is against abortion (abortion under strict conditions is legal over here), against freedom for lgtbi (over here lgtbi have the same rights as any citizen of my country), a birther (we consider birthers to belong to the evolutionary category of the brainless bacteria that live in and of excrements), and a denier of evolution theory (placing him even one category lower, i.e. the bactaria that live in and off excrements of bacteria that live in and of excrements).

Thanks a lot! I think I know a way of sending him back:

Image for post
Image for post

Update: Pete apologized by tweet. He ‘loves my country and is honored to be ambassador' in the little Kingdom of the realOranges, that will become a lot less pretty after his arrival.

How can we ever believe someone who lies, lies about that lie and apologizes after those bubble truth double lies? We will follow him closely. I foresee more white lies in the future.

Friend of life and beauty and foe of spoilers of life and beauty. Golden marriage. Grandfather. Pianist and micro poet. Dutch, European.

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