New Amendment needed: the SHUT UP the president amendment

Dear Steve and the American friends of Steve, being my friends because, well, you know the friend math, you need a new amendment. May be you can replace #2 by this. In stead of shooting down you choose for shutting up.

It goes like this, more or less: ‘We, the sane people, united in a state of shock by a President we didn’t elect, have the power to shut up such a president whenever he passes the number of 20 fact checked lies. After shutting him up, we have the power to start an impeachment procedure, that has to be taken into effect within 48 hours. He will then be free to start blabbering nonsense again, but only from a cage with a fast food counter that can be serviced from the outside.’ See my recently suggested solution for the Trump Agony:

Good luck!

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