OK, (fun fact off topic: ‘OK’ is the most used affirmative expression in …..1,2,3?….Dutch! Even my grandson Bobby (sic!) of 2 ¾ years uses it in stead of ‘ja’, ‘goed’, ‘doe ik’, ‘mee eens’, ‘in orde’, one of the ominous signs English, especially the American variety of it, is implementing a hostile take-over of my mother tongue Nederlands; the other winning expressions being ‘awesome’ and ‘oh my God’, soon to be replaced by ‘oh, my Don’. I am a supporter of reinstallment of capital punishment for the use of ‘awesome’ and ‘omg’, and ‘oh my Don’ will be punished by water boarding followed by death by reading the collected tweets of the new God, but I cannot find anybody finding this OK*) this is what we all knew would be coming. Why else did he meet the Pope and gather a bunch of clergymen around him? Why else is he sending one of his prophets, the bigot Hoekstra, an evangelical islamophobe opposed to everything a humanist knows is right, as an ambassador to my country?

It has become clear there has been a gross misreading of the Bible text about the Trumpets that made the walls of Jericho fall down. It should be read as ‘the Trumps made the walls of Jericho’. Jericho stands for the promised land and we all know that is the USA. We also know the Great Wall Prophet will soon begin with the building of a Wall around the globe, to protect all Americans in the World against the harms coming in from outer space**.

*the other reason for reinstating capital punishment is the use of leaf blowers.

**Outer space is defined by Chief-in-Creep in his famous address to NASA: ‘we do not know what it is you know. It is dark and strange, like me, but that only defines my inner space. Sad. It should be locked up, like Hillary. That’s why I will build a wall around the globe’.

Friend of life and beauty and foe of spoilers of life and beauty. Golden marriage. Grandfather. Pianist and micro poet. Dutch, European.

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