Over here in the cute Kingdom ranking fifth in the world index of happiness, we are sad to point at the falling rate of happiness in the not so cute continent on the other side of the Atlantic Plastic Soup:

‘The central paradox of the modern American economy, as identified by Richard Easterlin (1964, 2016), is this: income per person has increased roughly three times since 1960, but measured happiness has not risen. The situation has gotten worse in recent years: per capita GDP is still rising, but happiness is now actually falling.’ The USA certainly is not the greatest when it comes to happiness. Not even top 10 (#14).

The report shows a remarkable omission in the analysis of the causes of this phenomenon: the election of the Truly Revoltingly Underqualified Moron President.

The report reports: ‘In sum, the United States offers a vivid portrait of a country that is looking for happiness “in all the wrong places.” The country is mired in a roiling social crisis that is getting worse. Yet the dominant political discourse is all about raising the rate of economic growth. And the prescriptions for faster growth — mainly deregulation and tax cuts — are likely to exacerbate, not reduce social tensions. Almost surely, further tax cuts will increase inequality, social tensions, and the social and economic divide between those with a college degree and those without.’

A better description of the total failure of the republican version of capitalism and the disastrous effects of choosing a Twitterato Twit for leader is hard to find. ‘Maga’ actually results in Masa. Feel free to fill in the ‘s’. Sad!

Friend of life and beauty and foe of spoilers of life and beauty. Golden marriage. Grandfather. Pianist and micro poet. Dutch, European.

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