Over here in the minuscule country of home made stroopwafels, bierfietsen, krentenbollen, amfetamine, xtc, local brands of spiced jenever, lager tsunami, billionaire yachts and lithography systems for the semiconductor industry, someone close to a reliable source told me her complot theory: the Reps will keep the BBL-in-C in office until their conservative agenda has been executed as much as possible. They have truckloads of damaging information about him*. The present cowardly conservative rep leak is only the beginning. The plan is to execute the Pence Coup after Kavenaugh has been installed, but the avalanche of incriminating facts could force them to act faster.

*My admiration for your insight into the matter is growing every day, Allan Ishac. Everything to be revealed in Bob Woodwards upcoming bestseller has already been signaled by you (and your compadres, Steven Rouach and Steve Bouchard ). I quote one of my favorite columnists**: ‘Trump is depicted in Fear as fucking moron, liar, narcissist, childish fool, raging bully, wishy-washy dodger, power addict, paranoid neurotic, amoral, without principles, dicey, and undemocratic/autocratic’. Add: racist, sexist, fraudulent, filthy rich tax evader, opportunist. In short, dangerously deranged. Occupying the office Americans are proud to present as the most powerful office in the world. Indeed, illegally elected into that office, presently called Crazytown. Madmen meets House of Cards.

**Bert Wagendorp in De Volkskrant of 9/8 2018.

Friend of life and beauty and foe of spoilers of life and beauty. Golden marriage. Grandfather. Pianist and micro poet. Dutch, European.

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