Over here in the once Nazi-occupied little Country by the North Sea, freed by Canadian, British, Polish, French and US soldiers, we tend to shy away from Godwins. This Miller creep is not a Hitler, Allan. Nor is his boss. They are deranged Americans with totalitarian, radicalistic conservative, inhuman and hypernationalistic, racist ideas, but no Hitlers. Hitler was an imperialist, Trumpler and his little demagogue fart are isolationists. Hitler was a talentless painter, the Superfaker and his schmuck advisor are talented liars. Eh, like Adolf and his schmuck advisor Goebbels, I must admit. Hitler had a useless Atlantic Wall built -still very visible in parts of my country-, Trumpler will never succeed in building his useless Mexican Wall. Hitler brandished a joke of a moustache, Trumpler covers his baldness with a joke of a hairdo and Miller is bald. Hitler was a rocket man, Trumpler shook hands with little rocket man, who is much more alike Hitler in behavior(addendum see below). Miller seems to have been close to that shameful moment, where nothing was achieved.

So, don’t compare Trump- and Miller to Hitler. They should know better.

Addendum: Kim Jong Un ordered the killing of his uncle, part of the clique of mass-mudering apparatchiks of North Korea, plus the head of the Secret Service and the top of the army. Lots of ambassadors of that generation have been detained and killed. With the cleansing of the old clique thousands of lower apparatchiks have been sent to camps, tortured and murdered. Young Un did not fundamentally change the ordeal the people of the people’s republic undergo since decades, nor the criminal organization of his rogue state. The Stasi in East Germany, or the KGB under Stalin were humane, softhearted groups of do-gooders in comparison.

Trump, fyi the elected president of the USA, formerly known as a state of law, liked this man, reportedly got along well with him and thinks he made a deal with him. We didn’t hear anything about human rights, illegal selling of rockets, drugs and human beings, hacking activities, or any other criminal business of this regime. (I would not be surprised if we learn that Miller’s and consequentially the Trump admin’s recent ideas about immigration have been picked up during their stay in North Korea).

Friend of life and beauty and foe of spoilers of life and beauty. Golden marriage. Grandfather. Pianist and micro poet. Dutch, European.

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