Over here in the still cute but a bit strange cosy little corner of the world y’all know as Holland, we celebrate the 75 years of freedom after WW II. Why do I bring this forward in this context? Because of the word freedom. We were freed by your (great-)grandfathers. Let’s add the Canadian, British and Polish share. Let’s not forget the 900.000 Afro-American (great-)grandfathers, not free at all, no Sidney Poitiers at all. Transported at the lower decks, applied to the Quarter Master Service Company. Hidden slaves in an army for Whites Only.

Yes, why do I mention this. Because the freedom brought to us was a complex freedom. It helped to rebuild our damaged economy and society. It made democracy possible. We were forced to set our colonies free. But only to become part of that other empire. Oh, what a great empire it was! Only accept its troops on your soil, buy their weapon systems, store their nuclear weapons, follow their lead(ers) in Washington, send your young boys and girls where the Empire needs them, buy the blessing products like media, tobacco, heroïn, fastfood chains……, be seduced and intoxicated by their narrative.

And now the present emperor of the empire is revealing the ugly face behind the benign mask. May be we should be grateful this nightmare of the Trump reign ends the false dream of the good empire. May be it is a blessing we all discover the false narrative. To really brake free.

Postscript: we were also freed by armies of Soviet Russia. They didn’t liberate us, but without their sacrifices war would have lasted longer.

Friend of life and beauty and foe of spoilers of life and beauty. Golden marriage. Grandfather. Pianist and micro poet. Dutch, European.

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