Over here in the tiny little Kingdom of the White Oranges more and more people are scrutinizing their attics and cellars for the dear old banners and boards we used to protest against the Vietnam war. Most of them bear slogans like ‘Nixon murderer’ and ‘Johnson murderer’. It is very simple to paint them over with ‘Trump murderer!’ The problem is that the effect of this will be underwhelming, because there is hardly any human being in the world -apart from the other autocrats -who doesn’t agree, and the present government of the USA is presided by Dork, Dingbat III and Douchebag, who are known to be deaf, blind and stupid (each of them).

Your post is a masterly metaphor for the general effect of the more and more autocratic reign of Dingbat III. Every single word, every single body movement, every single appearance in public, works like a poisonous dart on us. It is as if there is a control center in The Golden Trump Penis (N.Y.) from where millions of poisonous dart-armored drones are sent out all over the globe. Undisclosed sources at the Pentagon leaked a plan for installing SPDLC* in every US-earned building in the world. We need a mass demonstration of unknown proportions, like the one in the tiny little Kingdom of the White Oranges, see video link below. I was there too. (Spoiler: it didn’t help at all. Cruise missiles are still stored on secret (known by everybody) locations in my country. But we sure showed we were against them.

*Secret Poisonous Dart Launching Centre, also known as Trumpscare.

Friend of life and beauty and foe of spoilers of life and beauty. Golden marriage. Grandfather. Pianist and micro poet. Dutch, European.

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