Over here, you know where, we sometimes read other interesting stuff too, Allan(apart from satire). Today I enjoyed the 2019 predictions of the Rantt Editorial Board One of their predictions is the fall of Trump, the famous Traitoriator, home alone in his madhouse on Pennsylvania Avenue, dealing with his tormented mind. What I find particularly interesting is the congruence between your intelligent analysis and Rantt’s prediction:

What Will Happen To Trump And The GOP In 2019?

“The sobering of the GOP: The Party isn’t over, but the party is over and now is the time to cure the hangover. Republicans will moderate and Trump will be treated like the person still trying to rage the morning after, that everyone just wants to shut up and go away. Impeachment proceedings will begin in the House, and Trump will resign, like Nixon, when he gets whiff that his cohorts in the Senate are no longer willing to protect him. Trump’s resignation will be preceded by news that he’s going to be primaried by several contenders.” — Rantt Co-Founder and CEO Zak Ali (ZA)

“President Trump’s behavior will grow increasingly unhinged as the numerous investigations probing his lifetime of corruption continues to consume his administration. Special Counsel Robert Meuller’s report on the potential conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russia and obstruction of justice will shake the political world, as all the reported evidence of collusion is corroborated and new details shock the nation. It will be confirmed that there was a quid pro quo between the campaign and Russia that included Trump Tower Moscow, sanctions relief, and the presidency. These revelations will put the GOP in a difficult position, as Trump’s approval rating continues to tank due to stock market losses and economic uncertainty and the Republican base continues to shrink. Meanwhile, Mueller might be the least of Trump’s worries while the New York investigations and the Democratically-controlled Ways and Means and Intelligence Committees make Trump’s life a living hell (oh, and we will see his tax returns). Meanwhile, as court rulings continue to strike down his unlawful domestic policies, Trump will lash out with the one area he has the most autonomy over: foreign policy.” — Rantt Co-Founder and COO/Editor-in-Chief Ahmed Baba (AB)

Immediately after publication, stocks of the Dutch Stroopwafel & Krentenbollen Bakery went sky high. They must have read my own rants. I should check custom rules for food export…..

Friend of life and beauty and foe of spoilers of life and beauty. Golden marriage. Grandfather. Pianist and micro poet. Dutch, European.

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