Patriot (alternative truth)

Patriot, (n): exceptionally angry, mostly white, often male person

  • believing that political elites drink the blood of children during satanist rituals and aim at total control of citizens, by using chips injected with vaccines, fake news media and rules limiting individual freedom only to limit individual freedom;
  • brandishing fascist symbols and a flag symbolizing racism and slavery, or a cross;
  • armed with pipe bombs, molotov cocktails, hand cuffs, tie wraps, gas cartridges, and other means to limit the freedom of other individuals they hate because, yeah, you know;
  • ready to kill everybody with different ideas;
  • blind follower of the by far most incompetent and misogynist president of a democracy ever;
  • graduated at Gaslight University.

Patriottism, (n): (MW) Love of one’s country; the passion which moves a person to serve his country, either in defending it from invasion or in protecting its rights and maintaining its laws and institutions, (Modified 6/1/21: Hatred of a future developed version of their coutntry, the insanity which moves a person to ruin his country, either by unlawful invasion in the institutions of that country or by applying any means available to suppress, stifle and kill everybody believing in democratically made laws and institutions.)

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