The Romanogothic church of Termunten, the Netherlands, first documented in 1374 AD, dedicated to GOD (photo by author)

Dear Steve, dearest Steve, superdearest Steve, we will never meet because I chose to stop flying, all cruiseships are deconstructed and the DSA are behind a plastic soup full of sharks. I mean, swimming is not an option. If you ever decide to travel to the Netherlands, please tell me. Don’t wait too long, I am 74. Leave your VR at home. Reality itself is way more exciting. Don’t take the POT with you, you might be tracked by pot sniffing dogs and Amsterdam is the World Capital of POT. It is enough to walk the streets to get high. Yup, exaggerating.

We will never meet, but thank GOD for Medium and you. It feels a bit awkward for me to thank GOD, because there are no GODS, but may be one of His interns listens.

I fear the coming election. If the Crazy wins, I will be even more depressed than four years ago. If he looses, I will be depressed because I will have to miss your superb satire. If the Bulshitter wins, you have to flee and you want to live far from POT and close to GOD, I will show you the little church in the picture.

Stay healthy.

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