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Quo vadis? © Chris Coolsma 2021, end of a pier, Lemmer, the Netherlands, 52°50'35.5"N+5°41'37.5"E

Moving story, Corinne. We used to be roaming nomads. I think this photo of my wife Lidi is the perfect metaphor for our present state of mind. A depressed pessimist will interpret it as the end of the road. An optimist will dream about the possible perspectives in the bright future. My wife is happy as can be in this peaceful moment. She loves space around her, a far horizon, blinking water. The place is beautiful, in our eyes. Just look up the map and you will find a blueprint of our soul. Ships, harbours, polders, dikes, water, water, water, meadows, cattle, old towns.

I have thought a lot about ‘The Place’. Every now and than I have the sensation of being on the very location my ancestors came from. My ‘primal places’. Because I felt this several times at different spots on the globe, I know it is not the exact place, but the combination of characteristics of the places: a. vicinity of the sea, b. sound of sloshing waves, c. open skies, d. primary colours blue and grey.

Here are my primal places:

a. Shelter Cove, California: 40°01'18.2"N 124°04'15.5

b. Boknafjorden, Norway: 59°09'05.4"N 6°01'35.3"E

c. Termunten, the Netherlands: 53°18'15.0"N 7°02'10.8"E

Check ’em out, travel digitally around in the environment.

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