Rabbits, Schrödinger and clap distribution

Dear Steve, over here in the ever less cute Tax evasion paradise of the realNaranjas we have adapted our opinion about rabbits since yesterday. Up to now we loved them for their double identity: both suitable for stroking and edible. Rabbits are actually much more Schrödinger type of animals than cats. Cats are not edible, at least in our culture. Yesterday the Polish Minister of Public Health urged his underlings to start multiplying like rabbits.

Polish Government advise to its populace: multiply like rabbits

From now on we will never be able to see a rabbit without remembering the name of this Popopulist: Konstanty Radzwiki. The last two rabbits I personally knew were called You and Reene because they used to pee all over each other all day (they were bought as man and woman, but after three years of unrabbity behavior they appeared to both be male.) The next two we will call Kont and Radz.

This being said, I distributed my claps over the several parts of this delicious gift of you, as follows, Steve:

  1. Trump is not the usual suspect in most of it: 20 claps.
  2. The way Trump is smuggled in after all: 10 claps.
  3. The cute picture of Simon r.i.p.: 1 clap.
  4. The explication of the Schrödinger theory: 1 clap ( I still do not understand it).
  5. The fact I was laughing loudly all the time: 12 claps.
  6. The fact that I really am beginning to like you more and more: 6 claps.

Friend of life and beauty and foe of spoilers of life and beauty. Golden marriage. Grandfather. Pianist and micro poet. Dutch, European.

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