Same here, Allan Wing. Up to now I write responses, primarily to our friend, the other Allan, and Steven Rouach, who is leading us into nonsense. All contra the monster that was created by neglect of the real problems in the USA and the world. Recently I started writing more than responses, in the poetry corner of Medium.

That said, over here in the cute tiny little rather wet & stormy Kingdom of the realNaranjas we almost forgot about the Bullshitter-Creep. We have other disasters on our minds. Funny, or I must say, tragical enough the same disasters as the Floridians and the Georgians: horrible hurricanes.

You see, the infrastructure on the island of Sint Maarten/St Martin, partially Dutch, partially French, has been destroyed for 91%. The situation reminds us of that other grief-stricken island: Haïti. Not one single home is unscathed by Irma. Every single inhabitant of the island has lost almost everything. In a cartoon someone says: ‘ I didn’t have anything and now I lost that too’. About $ has to be invested to rebuild the society and its habitat. That is a conservative estimate. I am sure much more will be needed. Our heritage as slave traders and colonialists forces us to help as much as we can, but we have to deal with the institutional mess we created in an attempt to pull away. On top of that our influence is not wanted, of course.

On the short term das Gedrumpf is a minor problem for us. This morning he wasn’t even in the news. If wasn’t for Medium, I would have forgotten about him. Wonderful feeling.

On the long term though, the damage of the Ultra-conservative era in the States, formerly known as United, will be that of a hydrogen bomb compared to the nuclear bomb of Irma. We will be pelted with waves of rotten apples, to apply your metaphor. I would prefer the metaphor of a permanent hurricane, tsunami & earthquake. Let’s call the monster Don, but the surrounding clique of billionaires and zealots is even more detrimental to our planet.

Friend of life and beauty and foe of spoilers of life and beauty. Golden marriage. Grandfather. Pianist and micro poet. Dutch, European.

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