Courtesy Bas van der Schot, de Volkskrant


Over here in the Kingdom of the realOranges, we follow the election drama in shock, but not in awe. Not the election process itself- this is US democracy, we understand how it works- but the flabbergasting fact of 2016 is what has boggled our mind. Even sadder and unwiser: that the Mafia Boss in the Bewitched House still gets support of 68000K voters. That must be a crushing reality for non-whites, for the sick and poor and yes, for anyone with a non-fake knowledge of the disaster of robber capitalism and the reign of Ali Baba and his Clan of Criminals.

I am a powerless Gutmensch over the sea, I cannot help you, dear friends, but you are in my thoughts. So much I hardly sleep. Get on with it, tar and feathers!

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