Shirley, I should have discovered your funny AND useful post much earlier. I have had to live with the unfulfilled need to unclap a few of my rashly and over-enthousiastically given clappety-claps for a whole week.

But from now on I am able to use the option you found out for us. Yay! I can give a round of applause to a post I do not like at all, wait a breathtakingly long while and unclap it in one masterly tap. (Actually I should have named the clap tap, because that is what we do. I tapped the symbol at the right corner below like mad (’what are you doing? testing the glass screen?’-’No sweety, I am clapping!’-’No, you’re not! You were frantically tapping with that devious smile of you’-’Actually I was unclapping 50 claps just now’-’Don’t fool me, you’re playing one of those stupid games again, in stead of some serious writing’-Sigh’-’Don’t you sigh on me!’), I didn’t clap at all.

However, I am grateful. Even more so, because I inadvertently swiped while I was tapping and got lost in a post I would never have seen without your guide. Serendipity at its best.

By the way, who is Benjamin P. Hardy and how do clap taps pay him? Oh, don’t bother, I’ll Google him.

And now I will add 50 taps to your tapping account, after untapping them for fun. And start following you.

Friend of life and beauty and foe of spoilers of life and beauty. Golden marriage. Grandfather. Pianist and micro poet. Dutch, European.

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