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Letter to J.

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Nancy Drew Hat —

Dear J,

we had a short encounter on Medium that seemed to place us in opposite bubbles of cultural, political, social and economical ideas. Most writers I know of on Medium can be situated like me on the progressive side of the spectrum. Although I am not quite sure you are totally conservative-minded, you seemed to prefer the opposite bubble. It is brave to leave your comfort zone and enter a zone that feels as a ‘commie’ group. Extra brave because you might expect more flak from the (extremist) conservative side than from the prevailing moderate progressive side.

Polarization is killing rational search for solutions of the spate of wicked problems we, inhabitants of a tiny speck in the universe, have caused. We need to cooperate with all our might to survive the next century. It doesn’t help to stay divided and to evade discussion. That’s why I proposed to discuss our differences. I hope we both will learn by listening and expounding our views. It will ask for a lot of patient sleuthing.

Now the problems are so complicated and intertwined, it is futile to try to discuss them all at the same time. What do you consider to be the most urgent problem to solve, where the solutions are blocked by hostile polarization? Which solution would you prefer?

Oh yeah, before we begin, I suppose you do not believe in any conspiracy theory?

Hope to hear from you. I have chosen the Holmes hat:

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Friend of life and beauty and foe of spoilers of life and beauty. Golden marriage. Grandfather. Pianist and micro poet. Dutch, European.

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