Society of Kooks

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James Ensor, the bad doctors

Allan, if it wasn’t for the superb satire, I would be your fan forever because you gave me insight in the unlimited reservoir of kooks, cons, frauds, liars, cowards, conspirators, fakers, assholes, asshole-lickers, accomplices, mob members, poltroons, fools, criminals, would be doctors, spin included, deranged sons, meddlers, creeps, birthers, birchers, orthodox evangelicals (this is a pleonasm), racists, cowards, leeches, cockroaches, sycophants, trolls, manipulators, opportunists, populists, cadgers, burtons, confabulators comedoes and hangers-on clustering around the most incompetent, detrimental president of the USA ever. I admit I am understating.

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