Start the great renovation of the USA: making America whole again!

The coup proves it’s time for a sincere and thorough renovation of the USA. The rift between left and right is too deep. The bubbles are bunkers. Real problems (poverty, increasing inequality, systemic racism, sexism, climate change, environmental pollution, low quality of education, rag tag infrastructure, distribution of arms, disinformation, the need for high quality public institutions, malfunctioning democracy (ancient election system, voter suppression, polarization, mutual obstruction of solutions), international cooperation aimed at peace in stead of geopolitics, free and safe exchange of opinions, excessive power of tech business, dying cities, coping with pandemics, accessible and affordable health care, job creation, etc.) are not solved because the art of compromise has been lost in the political process and society.

Making DC a state will not solve any of the major problems.

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