Thank you for this advice, Chloe. I’m up in the (European) wee wee little hours of the morning because I woke up worried by something I put on the net, just leafed through Medium and stumbled over your post. It isn’t just an advice, it is a chilling truth about the reality of the internet. It all started with a scientists idealism, the utopia of free speech, free communication, open source, sharing knowledge, getting wiser together, removing and crossing borders, getting together. It has become a hell of censorship, trial by twitter, criminal hacking, fraud, trolling, pay walls, fake news, getting more stupid together, erecting barriers, estrangement, bubblification, manipulation, propaganda and commercial exploitation. Sad, to quote someone who is a product of and an actor in this vilification of information. I always told my students that any means/tool/instrument can be used to stimulate and/or hamper human growth. Always have unforeseen side effects. Human growth meaning the improvement of the human condition. I was optimistic, believed in the positive power of policy. It is hard not to become cynical nowadays.

To me your article is not only about being a woman on the internet. It is about being a vulnerable human being in a rapidly changing world. It is about globalization turning bad. About the corruption of something promising. I hope we can stop this, still think initiatives like Medium (and more recently the Correspondent) will help a little bit.

For now thank you again for your insights.

Friend of life and beauty and foe of spoilers of life and beauty. Golden marriage. Grandfather. Pianist and micro poet. Dutch, European.

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