That was fun again, Steve! If you might think we, over here in the tropical polders under sea-level and the reign of the realOrange King, are far away from your daily sorrows, I have to remind you we have a messenger/megaphone of the United States of Amuck in our Residential City, the Hague. It is an incompetent opportunistic orthodox dork with a fat owlish face called Pete. He is the one who knew nothing of our country, showed this by telling blatant lies about it and, after exposure of the lies, as blatantly lied that he hadn’t told those lies before. Yeah, he is into the mystical belief in alternative facts too.

Now this Pinocchio-Pete has been in the news two times since he arrived (he works very hard). Both times because he threatened our country, an old ally, with serious consequences if we wouldn’t do as we were told by tweet

(FUN FACT)…..Rapino 1–0 against France…..

of his boss, another twisted liar. The first time we were ordered to stop working on a pipeline for natural gas to Russia. If not the companies working on it would have to face serious consequences. (Nothing changed so far). The second time we were ‘invited’ to send troops to Syria. You know why? Our government severely criticized the decision to withdraw all US troops form Syria/Iraq, because ISIS was not beaten at all. So now we should send in our troops ourselves. You recognize the mafia-type crooked logic of the BBL-in-C? (‘You accept my deal, if not I will wipe you out’). You know what an order/invitation from the Goverment of Mr Wishy Washy means: a threat. But nothing changed. There is no mandate. We do not have the troops. Syria/Iraq is a hornet’s nest,

(FUN FACT)…Rapino 2–0…..

originally created by the Bush family. ISIS is re-organizing. Assad will go on with his war of annihilation till he has the whole of Syria under his gruesome reign again. Erdogan will try to wipe out the Curds. Iran will jump on any weak spot in that region. Nobody not off his rocker would send troops to that hell. But yeah, they all are off their rocker in the Mob of Mr Braggbull, aren’t they?

(FUN FACT…) US women team wins 2–1, two goals of Rapino.

Friend of life and beauty and foe of spoilers of life and beauty. Golden marriage. Grandfather. Pianist and micro poet. Dutch, European.

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