If there ever was a to do list* to stick on the door of the American fridge, it is the to do list of the Biden/Harris administration, that will kick off today. I posted this on purpose at 00.01 am of January 20, 2021. My dear American friends, this is the day of the dawning of hope. I will stick this bucket list on my fridge too, over here in Western Europe. The USA is not as great as a certain idiot and his accomplices tended to brag about, they actually made America less great, but you know that already. I am sure you don’t even have to type that list. It is already in your hearts and minds:

  1. Keep distance, wear the mask, get vaxed.
  2. Wipe out racism, accept the multicultural character of the melting pot, get together to understand the new state; apologize for the damage done to everybody non white, start the Great Upgrade Project to end inequality;
  3. Unite with the world in the transition to a sustainable growth; get back into UN, WHO, and all other alliances meant to make peace, not war;
  4. Reach out to the poor, the sick, the jobless with a New New Deal;
  5. Go for Universal health care;
  6. Reorganize afforable education for all;
  7. Start the New Economy, aimed at sustainable jobs for all;
  8. Rewrite the Constitution, reorganize the election system, end voter suppression.

*Oh yeah, ditch that ridiculous fear for socialism Soviet style. Choose for inclusive humanism.

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