The ominous example: Berlusconi

Whenever you are in doubt about the source and inspiration of your great satirical works, you should remind yourself of Silvio Berlusconi, Allan, to understand what nightmare will dominate the lives of all Americans (and every other living soul in the world) for the coming 49 years. The Dutch journalist Jarl van der Ploeg provides the following facts (de Volkskrant, 2/17/18)

‘Berlusca’ is the inventor and founder of media-populism, way back in 1994. He understood how to dominate the news by provocation and division of constituents and politicians in supporters (we) and opponents (they), placing himself permanently in the center of public attention. He uses the media he owns and controls to broadcast a spinned version of truth.

He was three times prime minister of Italia, formed coalitions with neo-fascists, the xenofobist Lega Nord and the radicalist right wing Fratelli d’Italia, He was indicted for tax fraude, sex with an underage girl and ties with the mafia, but denies everything pouting about fake news. His supporters can be found among the very rich and the very poor. The rich support him because they know he will protect their wealth. The poor support him because they believe he will protect them against poverty. That’s what he promises every day.

Reminds you of someone in particular?

He seemed to be down and out, but now he is back, with a plastic face, new hair, new teeth, a new mistress (32) and a pacemaker. At 81, but he is sure he will be amongst us till 2057. He believes science will make it soon possible to live healthy life up to 120.

Trump is 71…….Mazzel tov, my American friends.

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