The omnipresent male psychopath

While I read your thought provoking post it was in the news bulletin on the radio. Again. Do our children have to hear this? Nonchalance, yes, spot on. All the gruesome details leading to the conclusion it wasn’t an accident and the killer lies all the time. Because he sure is the killer, the kind of killer that is exposed and hunted down by Lisbeth Salander in the Millennium series. ‘Men who hate women’. A novel about one of the violent male inhibitions sometimes, too often, cumulating in the wretched psyche of psychopaths, and eventually serial killers. They are omnipresent.

Over here the same sad story enfolds about a young woman of 25 who disappeared during a totally normal bike trip in the woods of my youth. The search by police forces and a small army of family members and volunteers is reported in every news bulletin. Her coat was found. Her bike was found in a pond I used to pass on my own bike trips in the environment. The drainage of the pond was on regional tv. Luckily nothing was found before our eyes. Again this nonchalance, every detail in the news, no chance to avoid it, or to protect the children, to bring it to them with diligence. My granddaughter follows part of the trajectory of the disappeared woman. On her new bike. Every school day.

Again a man that hates women, I can tell. Again the horrid images of the all too familiar story of sexual assault, and everything that follows.

Anne Faber, the Dutch woman, is nearer to me, but I my emotions are the same. Kim and Anne -and the victims of the Las Vegas psychopath- are victims of a male disorder. The killer in Vegas didn’t have any sexual drive, seems different, but behind the sexual disorder is the power disorder. Power corrupts the mind and the soul. The soul dies away to a emotionless, cold core. The mind becomes the instrument to attain the one goal: domination.

The general feeling is one of disbelief and confusion. Why? This is the why: the uncontrollable need to dominate and control freezes the heart and deforms brain and body into killing machines. Give the psychopath an army and occupation and genocide will follow.

Friend of life and beauty and foe of spoilers of life and beauty. Golden marriage. Grandfather. Pianist and micro poet. Dutch, European.

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