The worst kind of dim witted representative we have over here is a corona denyer. He is actually smart, with one little flaw - he uses his wit in a stupid way.

Gun fetishists can be found in the criminal and terrorist corners of our society but not in parliament. Boebert would never ever have any chance of getting elected in whatever political body in our country. She would be in jail. Here's an example of an arms legislation in a civilized state:

Arms legislation in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, the Weapons and Ammunition Act is known as part of the legislation regarding weapons. This prevents the use of weapons, and especially the negative consequences thereof, from being reduced as much as possible within society. The Weapons and Ammunition Act stems from the Firearms Act of 1919. This law was drawn up at that time to create a safe position for the government.

It is partly legal to have a weapon, but it is about weapons of the lightest category. So it is not about firearms, but about weapons such as a saber. This is legal from 18 years or older. A weapon may be in possession, but not worn in public areas.

Distinction between carrying and having weapons in hand:

A distinction is made between two forms of weapon preservation. On the one hand you can "have" a weapon, but on the other side you can "carry" a weapon. What is the difference?

To "have in hand" means that one can in principle possess a weapon. This does not necessarily mean that the weapon is actually kept with someone, but only that someone is in possession of a weapon and COULD keep it with them. For example, it can be stored in one's own home or hung on the wall, such as with a saber.

"Carrying" a weapon means that the weapon is really within reach. It is worn under or over clothing or held in the hand. The weapon is in a place that the person in possession could use it at that time, in a public place.


Ammunition and weapons can be divided into four categories. The first category is the heaviest and the fourth category the lightest, whereby the weapons are not illegal. However, these weapons may not be carried, nor are they available at an age below 18 years.

Ammunition depends on the weapon. However, ammunition never falls into the fourth category, as these weapons do not contain ammunition.

Category I: For example, choke sticks, brass knuckles, imitations of firearms, blackjacks (resembles a truncheon, but with a heavy lead knob), ballistic knives (automatic knives). These are prohibited non-firearms.

Category II: For example pepper spray, electro-shock weapons, automatic firearms. Allowed only for the government and a selective group.

Category III: For example hunting weapons, collector weapons and target shooting weapons. Only allowed for the government and permit holders.

Category IV: For example swords, sabers, batons, crossbows, swords, air guns, alarm pistols, paintball markers, harpoon.

Since airsoft weapons are also imitations of real weapons, the use of these weapons is prohibited. However, since January 15, 2013, it is allowed to have airsoft weapons, provided that they are 18 years or older and are a member of an association recognized by the minister. Until recently, the sport could therefore only be practiced outside the Netherlands.

License of weapons

A weapons license must be applied for. Sport shooters can do this, for example, for weapons from category III. A permit is requested from the police chief. A motivation must also be provided. A hunter records the weapon with the hunting license. It is also always checked whether someone has a criminal record.

Maximum penalties for illegal possession of weapons and arms trafficking:

Possession of a stiletto: 9 months imprisonment or € 4,500 fine.

Possession of a gun: 4 years in prison or € 45,000 fine.

Dealing in pistols (professional): 8 years in prison or € 45,000 fine.

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